Dream. See. Feel. Create. Repeat.

I apologize, dear readers (all 5 of you).Breathe into What You Want

In my last missive, I strongly suggested that you figure out what you want, where you want to go, in preparation for the strong energy of the Year of the Horse. Some of you came back to me, saying “Well duh, I know that I don’t know what I want or where I want to go. That’s really the problem! Once I figure that out, I’ll be okay.”

Well then, let’s get to it.

Most of us (99.95%, at least) respond to the question of “What do you want, where do you want to go?” with some sort of picture, a scene, if you will, from that perfect life. We can see what it looks like, like a crisp, HD photo of a day in the life. And then we stop.

EGADS my dear readers. The manifestation work is only halfway done at that point. Up until then, that’s just dreaming. What pushes you into action is the FEELING associated with that vision. HOW comes after “what” and “where” for a reason. The question is not how you get there, because we already answered that question in my last post. HOW DO YOU FEEL ONCE YOU ARE LIVING THE LIFE YOU WANT? Yes, you actually have to imagine yourself already living the life you want. You already have the picture down, now place yourself in it. Close your eyes, breathe in the surroundings, see yourself move around in your perfect life, and imagine how this feels in your heart.

The question that comes after HOW is WHY. “Why this exercise, Irene?” I am glad you ask. We do this because when you equate a vision into FEELINGS, you bring it to a visceral level, into your body, which brings your dreams into a much more tangible physical reality. It is a reality that is closest to the present moment, where we can touch everything. Plus, our emotions don’t lie, while our external world has the ability to convince us that we want a certain life, even when we really want something else. Once we get to that life, that is when we realize that it’s not the life we wanted at all. But when you feel yourself in that life first, you tap into your internal wisdom. If your heart does not feel completely at peace, you can go back to the drawing board. You can keep creating a vision of the dream, keep tuning into your feelings, until you feel perfectly at peace in that perfect life, because you are meant to get there.